Self-Serve Dog Wash

Each Barking Dogs location has multiple self-dog wash stations.  We have high tub and low tubs.  The self-dog wash is an everyday low price of $18 except for Ten Dollar Tuesday where the first Tuesday of each month the self-serve dog wash is $10 all day long.  We also have other specials below.

Centennial Hills 702.520.9274
Mountains Edge 702.247.9274


Self-Wash $18
$10 Tuesday Self-Wash on the first Tuesday of every month
Nail Trim $15
Self-Wash $18 + Nail Trim $12
De-shed Tool + $2
Hot Oil Treatment + $5 (Available Upon Request)

On Going Deals

Frequent Bather Card
10 punches, 11th wash free

First Dog Friday
Be the first one here at 9am, get a free wash

Ten Dollar First Tuesday
Self-serve dog wash is $10 all day long (normally $18) on the first Tuesday of every month

Adopted Dogs
Bring in adoption papers, 1st bath is free within 6 months of adoption

Self-Dog Wash Rules

Last wash of each day is 1 hour before closing

Safety Rules

Our self-dog-wash safety rules are for the benefit of you, your dog and everyone else.

rules 1
On Leash

Please keep your dog on leash, held in your arms or in carriers at all times.

rules 2
Under Control

Please keep your dog under the control of an adult and never left unattended. You must be 18 years & older to use the self-dog wash services.

rules 3
Children Are Welcome

Children are welcome but must be under the watchful eye of his or her parent. If you can’t watch them, it is unsafe to bring them. Please remind your child that they should never approach a strange dog.

rules 4
Cleaning Up After A Mess

If your dog makes a mess in the store, please notify us right away so we can clean it up.

rules 5
Current On Shots

All dogs must be at least 4 months old and current on their Rabies, DHllp, Parvo and Bordatella vaccinations.

rules 6

Disruptive or aggressive dogs may be asked to leave at the management’s discretion. If you have a dog that you need to wash along without other dogs, we’d be happy to make an appointment for you after hours.

rules 7
Picking Up

Please pick up after your pet outside our store. Bags can be provided at no charge and there is a trash bin outside the store.

rules 8
Close Eye

Please keep a close eye on your pets while browsing through the store. Items damaged by chewing, leg lifting, etc., are considered an “instant purchase” and they will be added to your bill upon check-out.